Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How to Control a Stepper Motor with Your Muscles

Designed and written by José Enrique López Pérez, student of Electronic Engineering in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Where can we find a stepper motor? Instead of buying one, you can also get a stepper motor by opening up an old printer. These motors are generally used in devices controlled by digital systems, like robotics, automation, and, of course, our favorite, 3D printers!

How to Control a Stepper Motor with Your Muscles

What are advantages of Stepper motors?() The axis of a stepper motor rotates at regular intervals instead of doing it continuously like DC (direct current) motors. A Stepper Motor is programmed by a micro controller and can be used for precise positioning within a wide range of applications. Precise positioning of a DC motor is not possible by simple methods.

How does a stepping motor work? The stepper motor is known for its ability to convert a train of input pulses (typically square wave pulses) applied to its coils, into a precisely defined increment of movement in the shaft's position. Each pulse moves the shaft through a fixed angle. This is called a step, hence the name stepper motor. The result of this movement is fixed and repeatable, allowing accurate and reliable positioning.

Why are there so many cables in a Stepper Motor? Unipolar Stepper motors can have 5, 6 or 8 terminals that connect to magnetic coils that allow precise positioning, in addition to other cables such as power and ground.

Circuit of Stepper Motor

How to Control a Stepper Motor with Your Muscles

How is a Stepper Motor different from a DC Motor?

A DC (direct current) motor moves continuously, without steps. It´s used when its important to continually regulate the velocity of a motor. These are the common motors you find in radiocontrol cars and other toys.

A DC motor has two terminals, (+) and (-). Electric current is generated through this terminals making the motor spin in a determinate direction.

How to Control a Stepper Motor with Your Muscles

What are the acceleration requirements of step motor?

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