Thursday, May 31, 2018

Introduction of the new hollow shaft stepper motor range

Conventional stepper motors cannot accommodate large diameter hollow shafts without sacrificing torque and performance. Torque is dependent on the size of the magnet placed in the rotor. A large diameter shaft reduces space available for the magnet, thus sacrificing torque. Since we’ve moved the magnet from the rotor into the stator stack, we can accommodate a large shaft without sacrificing torque or performance. Oyostepper, the motion component and systems specialist, further expands its range of stepper motors with the new competitively priced HH series hollow shaft motors from its USA distribution partner Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP).

Large Holow Shaft Up to 11 mm in Diameter
hollow shaft stepper motor

 With high-torque NEMA 17 and 23 motor frame options in a choice of stack lengths, the hollow shaft facilitates direct assembly of a lead screw without the need for a coupling - keeping hardware to a minimum and simplifying design for machine builders. The hollow shaft stepper motor also allows customised shafts or other power transmission components to be quickly added to the motor without the often-long lead times that specials may take and also enables small quantities of specials to be produced at reasonable cost. The internal shaft diameter for the 17 and 23 frame motors is 5 mm and 8 mm respectively. The holding torque across the 2-phase HH series ranges from 0.45 to 2.3 Nm with current ratings from 2 to 3 A per phase (series).
hollow shaft stepper motor

The motors are supplied with a detachable lead/connector pigtail for straightforward installation in the customer’s application. The 200/step/rev motors can be used with stepper drives across the AMP range, including the micro stepper motor for sale ST5 which offers sophisticated current control and multiple motion control options from simple streaming commands to communication. And it works closely with a small number of global motion control manufacturers and with its own in-house design and manufacturing capability the Hampshire based motion specialist offers complete integrated mechatronics assemblies with customised mechanics, gearheads and other power train components. 

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