Friday, July 13, 2018

Operating Instructions of Linear Stepper

In order for the linear stepper motor to operate properly, it will need to be connected to a motion controller or indexer and a stepper motor driver (with power supply). See diagram 1 for operation flow.

Operating Instructions of Linear Stepper

Step 1. A program or motion profile will be written on a PC or laptop and downloaded to the motion controller/indexer. This program will contain parameters such as speed, acceleration, deceleration, desired move, etc…

Step 2. Based on the program parameters, the motion controller/indexer will command the needed number of steps in the desired direction in order to move the desired amount.

Step 3. The microstepping driver will take the step & direction input signals and move the motor using the drivers set current. The bus voltage of the microstepping driver determines the max motor speed.

Step 4. The stepper motor linear actuator will move the desired amount at the programmed speed and acceleration. )

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