Friday, November 30, 2018

High Responsiveness and Excellent Synchronization of Stepper Motor

The third remarkable feature of stepper motors best is responsiveness. The open-loop control, which sends one-way commands to the motor, has a high followup mechanism toward commands. While servo motors, which wait for feedback from the encoder, tend to have "delays" with commands, stepper motors operate synchronously with a pulse. Therefore, there are very few "delays," resulting in excellent response. For this reason, stepper motors are suitable for applications that require synchronous operations of multiple motors. One example is a board transferring application that requires two conveyors, with one motor mounted respectively, to transfer boards in between the two conveyors.

Point 2
Excellent Low / Mid-Speed Range!
Example: Torque of a motor frame size 85 mm is equivalent to a rated torque of a 400 W servo motor when 1000 r/min.

Torque in an even lower speed range can be up to 5 times higher. For a shortdistance positioning, having high torque in the low / mid-speed range is essential.
RKII Torque Chart
Stepper Motor Open Loop vs Servo Closed Loop

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